Friday, March 4, 2011


Jori began her singing career at the age of 9. Her talent was discovered by one of her peers who heard her singing at school to herself when all of a sudden her classmate said "you can sing". Ever since that day her dreams of one day becoming a lawyer were put on the back burner for her obvious new passion. Shortly after Jori's discovery of her new talent she began to write.

Jori enjoys singing R&B, but is not limited to that by far. In the future she hopes to record music that is diverse and has no limitations. Jori thanks God for her gift and gives all credit to him. Another person that she gives credit to is her mother. Her mother has stayed by her side ever step of the way. Quite naturally she is also her manager. Jori has participated in numerous talent shows and won many awards. Who knows what the future holds for her. One thing we know for sure is it’s gonna be bright.


  1. shes real dope for sure Im a fan

  2. This girl can sing!!!!!